About Us

Our brand is the story that connects people to our products and services we offer “A sweet satisfaction with smile in every sip.”

We are passionate beverage marketers working to bring our brand alive through new products and creating tons of aromatic flavors with passion and excellent craftsmanship. We maintain a large section of fresh produce .we deliver to our customers a treasure of luxury flavors with premium taj sharbat (syrups) experices that delights all sense! Our goal is to ensure that each customer has wonderful experience of cool, convenient and value for money.

Taj legacy of creating exceptional products is the result of empowering and equipping our team.

It has been My father’s hand work that helped us in running out such a good brand in market says Hidayatullah , Ahmedmiya Rasoolmiya Taj’s CEO.

taj values
 “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value”
  • Quality

    Taj serves uniquely combination with quality that controls the entire sharbat (syrup) making process from sugar to sharbat; we are picky about our ingredients and choose only the best, we source them from different parts of world (extracts & food colors) the best sugar makes the best syrup, the sugar from each region have their own flavor characteristics.

    Our priority sugar blends plus our unique methods of processing all add up to one thing; delicious premium sharbat’s for you every time. The CEO look personal interest in every stage of manufacturing and vigilant about not permitting any substandard material to be used. Even administrative, financial and economic considerations are never allowed to come in the way of maintaining the highest standards.

  • Team work

    Our passionate employees team comes from all different backgrounds, and work together joined by common passion, bring new delicious ideas we were made it our mission to provide a supportive, engaging culture where everyone feels valued not only for skills the possess but also for who they are individuals.

  • Innovation

     “Cart To Company” 

    Ahmedmiya Rasoolmiya spent his 1920’s living on the rent, but never compromise on quality and believe in the product he was making. He started his enterprenewial career by selling ice golla’s. The greatest achievement was that he was sewed what was possible, with no degree’s and no family capital, his sister, wife and children’s were corner stone’s for the success. We worked on improving the technology getting mechanized process to step up production and upgrading the packaging. As a part of our expansion, we owned space for wholesale outlet near Dariyapur Police Choky in 2005 we are working towards getting standardization marks from overseas and having charted the expansion of business to meet the customers demand over last three years, there has been number of decisions [PTO]

    Techniques and strategies that we have developed and advanced online automation manufacturing establishment at GIDC Gandhinagar in 2013, which have really helped to smooth over path to growth not only in India but in the international markets. Today Taj retails in various outlets across India, Taj is also exported to Iran, Malaysia, Dubai and African countries.

  • Leadership

    We behave as owner’s , develop and empower our colleague’s, act with integrity an hold our selves’ accountable by Taj’s legacy of creating expectation products is the result of empowering over team to take on new challenges inspire on one another and excel in all they do . Over employment value proposition is formulated by our five key strength.

    Challenging and interesting work
    Appreciated and valued by management
    Training and development
    High quality products and services

  • Passion

    We believe absolutely in our

    • Brand
    • Product
    • Potential

    We love what we do; at Taj our sharbat’s (syrup’s) are as rich as our heritage. We started at the labyrinth lanes of Ahmadabad’s walled city since 1955’s making us India’s continues operating sharbat (syrup) maker. All our experience passion and commitment results in a delicious legacy you can taste with every sip of our premium sharbat (syrup) range, the famous Taj light bulb sign, now a historic landmark, as well come visitors and flights to Ahmadabad.

    “Growth for SMEs can be tricky particularly where international expansion is consened” 

    As a CEO of an SME these is a conundrum I have tackled in the last couple of years as we have expanded our brand not only in India, but in the overseas markets. The rewards for our perseverance and commitment to cause have really paid of and enhased the future of the business no end’s, as a result we are now looking to expand into U.S market later this year.

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