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TAJ sharbat are manufactured by best materials in latest high tech & higienic plant

Hidaytullah’s desk

I have learnt a lot from my father, Father’ undoubtedly have a powerful influence on their growing sons and for me it began from the moment of birth, he was not only my father but also my mentor, guide and friend. He had a unique style of management, but knew that I did things differently and was always open to most new ideas. No business schools or textbooks could have taught me, what I have learnt working and training under my father. Even my mother and sisters had not only been the helping hand but also provided good suggestions regarding business deal and proposals. I do believe true alignment with your life – partner is the most important requirement to build a successful company. Thanks to Almighty for having a spouse who helps keep home life running smoothly and also helps in excel business solutions by less stressful to balance work and life commitments.

A major change came about only when my father bought a shop in Dariyapur in1984 .I joined the business in the late 80’s, when I was graduating, bowing to my fathers expertise in creating recipes and standards for syrups and sauces my contribution was more on polishing the brand.
Our story started at Dariyapur Ahmedabad, bursting with small refreshment parlor for cold drinks, tons of local flavors. Adding you to their growing list of loyal we maintain a large range of fresh produce and boast the best gourmet at Taj you get what you pay for. After the foundation was laid by my father, we the second generation of sharbat (syrup) enterperenial built the portals of success.

We foster an envioiment that encourages the creativity needed to excel everywhere from large mass retailer, drug stories, clubs and grocery retailer, to boutiques and specialty stores.

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We believe that analysis of your company and your customers is key in responding effectively to your promotional needs.
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